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Our 22nd. Annual Circus
will held from 
Friday 24 November 2023 to Sunday 26 November 2023
Greenfield Road, Prairiewood, NSW 2176
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Waidradra Village, Fiji – Sanitation Project

Article - Jan 23, 2019 - FIFTY-FIVE people from nine families of the Marata clan in Waidradra Village in Navua have been using one pit toilet over the past decades.
The Rotary Club of Liverpool West as part of its ongoing support for the people of Fiji, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Suva North and with financial support from the Rotary Club of Holroyd set out to address this problem by providing the village with a block of 6 en-suite shower and toilet units connected to a site disposal septic system.
PP John Pillay first travelled to Suva and met with members of the Rotary Club of Suva North and the villagers of Waidradra to discuss this project – once it was decided it was viable a plan was put in place.
On 6 March 2019 John and PP Sam Capra went to Fiji to complete the project with the help of the local villagers. They were met at Nadi Airport by Hitesh Chandra (President of Suva North) and taken to the village the set out the plan for the project with John marking out where trenches needed to be dug for the installation of the pipes – this was completed in two days and all the materials needed (which were purchased locally) were delivered.
Sam and John completed the installation of the piping with the keen help of the villagers, time was against us and we were not able to finish the full project.
The project was completed by the villagers themselves (one of whom is a plumber) and life in the village is now so much better.
While in Fiji, Hitesh Chandra who took time of work to help, arranged for us to visit Rumpur Public School where we presented a new laptop computer donated by Club member Dr Rinna Ly to a deserving student Christina, selected the Principal Mr Rao on the basis that she has the most needy student who would benefit the most from this donation. Along with charts and books John and Sam also donated stationery and other sundry items to the school.
We express our  thanks to Hitesh and his family who made every effort to make our stay fulfilling, comfortable and enjoyable and are proud of what we achieved in the limited time we had.
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Project Natalia


Natalia is from West Papua,
Indonesia. She is 25 years old and lives with her family near the township of Jayapura. She has lived with the condition known as Neurofibromatosis since the age of two.  We understand there was an attempt to kill her when she was very young because of her appearance, and as a result of this attempt, she has been left with a terrible leg deformity.
Natalia's plight has inspired Rotarians in Australia and Overseas, including Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), which will then help her to lead a more normal life.
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