20 April 2021
Meeting 6 April
We had apologies from Charles Hili, Rinna Ly, Sam Capra, Alvan Freeman, John Pillay, Shiva Nandan and welcomed Guest Lou Madormo to our meeting.
Reminder next week we have a change of Meeting Date and Venue
Meeting – Monday, 12 April 2021 at The Warwick, 355 Hume Hwy, Cabramatta NSW 2166.
OFFICIAL VISIT by DG Warwick Richardson hosted by Rotary Club of Liverpool Greenway
Meet in the Bistro from 6pm The formal meeting will commence at 7pm sharp (meals cannot be taken into the meeting room).
No Meeting at Mounties on Tuesday 13 April 2021
Our Guest Speaker was Dr Peter Beadle the recently appointed District 9675 Representative for Rotarians Against Malaria. Peter used us as his Trial Run for future speaking engagements.
In September 2020 Peter organised a presentation for the Club on the Work that RAMs was doing and his reward was this appointment.
Our Club subsequently made a donation to RAMS to provide Mosquito Nets.
Peter took us through the cycle and the spreading of this debilitating disease and the steps means and steps being taken to eradicate it.
Basically, a mosquito bites someone and infects them and when the next mosquito bites that person it gets infected blood and passes the infection along to the next person.
One of the most effective prevention is treated mosquito nets which protect people from bites and kills mosquitos when they settle on the net. Proper drainage in villages also removes stagnant water breeding grounds to this end RAM’s is providing tools and well as funding spraying of pesticides. Of interest was the fact that Timor Leste has almost eliminated the disease -work is now being done in West Timor to prevent the infection levels rising because of the very porous border.
Peter finished up by organising a bucket collection and collected $10 per head for this worthy cause.
We challenge any Clubs Peter speaks to in the future to match or better our per capita contribution.
If anyone would like to contact Peter about speaking at other Clubs or events he can be contacted on
0417 416 231 or by email at
Rotary International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project – the Club has committed to contribute $US 2,000 to this Global Project along with the Rotary Clubs of Sonoma Valley (California) and Kathmandu in Nepal.
Below is the status of this Project
The goal of the Project in the Baitadi District, Sudurpaschim Province of Nepal  is to:-
  • Construct new sanitation facilities at three schools to be maintained by students
  • Employ 30 community women to produce reusable menstrual pad kits
  • Distribute kits to allow young women to continue school attendance with dignity
  • Foster continued progress of remote rural community to healthy water & sanitation.
Club Service Director Peter Beadle is planning another Fine Dining Experience to be held on Saturday 1 May 2021
Further information will be provided when available
  20 April 2021
    Presentation on Annual Circus - PP Gary Halliday 
The Meeting will be held in the Elizabeth Room at Mounties commencing at 7 pm. Members will meet for a meal or drink in Ovens Bistro from 6 pm.
Thomas Walker, Director of Projects 4 Children our Telemarketing Company will also be in attendance
The Club’s Change Over will be held on Saturday 17 July 2021 in the Starz Room at Mounties 6:30 for 7 pm.
We will be having a sumptuous Chinese Banquet provided by Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.
The cost will be $50 per person for Members and one Guest, the cost for others will be $60 per person.
This will cover a sumptuous Chinese Banquet, Desert, Tea/Coffee plus Tap Beer, House Wines and Soft Drink.
It should Be a great night.
We will be up again on Sunday 11 April 2021 
All Members can volunteer to help out by working for a few hours, either morning or afternoon.
Contact Jim Rudling –
What was Elvis Presley’s first No 1 hit record? 
What year was the world’s first vaccine for Malaria Created? 
Who said “A Son, A Son – My Wife For A Son!” 
Who was found guilty of “obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth” and fined $500 when performing in a New York Play? 
What is one quarter of 1,000? 
Who was born on 20 April 1889 in Austria? 
Who changed the name of his ship from The Pelican to The Golden Hind? 
Who won the the world’s first motor race in 1887? 
Which is larger: 50% or five-eighths? 
Who invented the bikini? 
What is Manzanilla? 
What happened on 20 April in 1770? 
Name the actor who died in 1984 and who also starred in the film titled 1984
How many sides, in total, would three triangles and three rectangles have? 
When did the French Revolution end? 
What is entomophobia? 
Which Scot founded the Presbyterian Church? 
What is the painting La Gioconda more usually known as? 
What is an octothorpe? 
on 20 April 2021, Our Members-only raffle jackpot will be $10
Roger struck again, taking the Jackpot on 6 April.
The fine wine we offer as prizes has aged well over the past months and our supply of exciting mystery prizes are just waiting to be won.
We always conduct the raffle in a COVID SAFE WAY!
Sunday, 11 April Bunnings BBQ Crossroads 7:30 am to 5 pm
Monday, 12 April DG' Visit - Liverpool Greenway Hosting
Warwick Tavern,
Hume Highway
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Tuesday, 13 April NO MEETING TRANSFERRED TO 12 April
Tuesday, 20 April Annual Circus Appeal and Telemarketing - Gary Halliday and Thomas Walker
Elizabeth Room
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Tuesday, 27 April
Australian Rotary Health
Stephen Humphreys
Elizabeth Room
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Saturday, 1 May Fine Dining with Liverpool West
Tuesday, 4 May Meeting transferred to 1 May    
Tuesday, 11 May
Rotary Corps of Nepalese Community
Michael Mazza
Elizabeth Room
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Tuesday, 18 May
Polio Plus Overview
PDG Sue Hayward
Elizabeth Room
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Tuesday, 25 May
Fellowship Night follow by Club
Board Meeting
Elizabeth Room
Dinner from 6 pm in Bistro
Meeting 7 pm Sharp
Saturday, 17 July
Club Change Over
Chinese Banquet
Starz Room
6:30 for 7 pm
Tuesday, 20 July No Meeting - Transferred to Changeover    
Friday, 23 July to Sunday 25 July Circus - Session times to be confirmed Liverpool Catholic Club TBC
Tuesday, 2 November Pride of Workmanship Night
Elizabeth Room
6:30 for 7 pm
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April 3
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May 4
Gary Halliday
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May 8
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