At Tuesday’s meeting apologies were received from Alan Hall, Rinna Ly, Geoff Gibbs and Shiva Nandan.

It was a big “welcome back” for Bob Groat who has had an extended recuperation from spinal surgery.

President John expressed his pleasure at the success of the Police Officer of the Year function. There had been a large number of quality nominations. Similarly there were a large number of police officers and family members attending the function.

Secretary Alvan reported on the recent Board meeting where Directors gave a briefing of issues in their arc of responsibility. Of note was a resolution to have an end of year dinner at the Black Rose Restaurant. Joe Cauchi advised that he had approached the owner about the dinner and he had negotiated a price of $65 per head.

International Director Jim Leahy noted that Mother Nature had caused a number of major problems in Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nepal that had been overshadowed by the destruction caused in America by three simultaneous hurricanes in the one general location. This had created a plea from Shelter Box for urgent funding for more boxes.

Youth Director Sam has not received any applications from students to attend the next round of RYPEN. He has been assisted by Jim Rudling’s preparation of the material for the School Awards. At this stage there has been no interest shown by schools wanting the Club to support a MUNA team.

Ted Mlynarz reminded members that:

  • Next week’s meeting will include a presentation on the recent Australian Health And Humanitarian group’s activities and it is a “partners night”
  • The Meeting scheduled for the 26th September has been cancelled in lieu of a joint meeting with the Greenway Club on Monday 25th which will be the official visit by the District Governor, Stephen Britten.
  • The Golf Day requires more players.

The Guest Speakers were Mikhail Kaloon and Samuel Bockarie who spoke about their involvement with what they call the Madiba Project. Both Mikhail and Samuel had migrated to Australia from Sierra Leone twelve years ago. Currently Mikhail is working for the Department of Education and Training and Samuel is in the Australian Army. The Madiba Project was set up to assist people in West Africa as well as those people from the area that have migrated to Australia. The Project’s activities centre around collecting learning material for students in Sierra Leone as well as educational programs of Learning to Learn and Learning to Lead. Already the Project team have collected enough learning material to send a forty foot container of it to Sierra Leone. Mikhail went to Sierra Leone to direct the distribution of the materials. A CNN video was shown of the recent tragedy of a major mudslide in Freetown which after 72 hours of constant rain caused the deaths of approximately 600 people. The Project has raised $13,000 in the Bankstown area and the intention is that $30,000 is raised to send a second container of learning materials and emergency relief to the people of Sierra Leone.

The previous Tuesday was the Combined Rotary Clubs of Liverpool Police Officer of the Year Dinner right is a photo of President John making one of the many presentations and awards on the night







Members Raffle Jackpot will be $20.00 on 19 September 2017

September Birthdays: 21st – Judith Banks

September Anniversaries: No more for this month

Market BBQ Roster

The Markets are in Childs Park, Central Avenue, Chipping Norton and operate from 7:00 am to 12 noon each Saturday.

If you are unable to attend for any reason please arrange a swap with someone else on the roster!!


16 September 17 Jim Rudling, Ted Mlynarz, Shiva Nandan & Frans Buskermolen
23 September 17 Gary Halliday, Carlin Gibbs, Alvan Freeman & Robert Menolotto
30 September 17 Alan Hall, Alvan Freeman, Frans Buskermolen & Steve Alexander


If you are rostered on you will need to arrive at 6:30 am to set up Trailer, tent etc. and be available until 12:30 for pack up.

















It’s on again this year on Sunday 29th October 2017 – Community Service Director Alan Hall will have further information closer to the date – visit www.graffitiremovalday.org.au .




Pride of Workmanship Awards

Each year the club calls for nominations from the community of people who give that little extra in the performance of their jobs, it may be that little bit of extra help to customers, it might be for pride in their jobs.

This year the presentation night will be on Tuesday 28th November 2017. Nominations can be made on the form available from Vocational Service Director Joe Cauchi and must be made no later than 14th November 2017.

Each nominee will receive an engraved plaque, dinner for them and a partner. If you nominate someone for this award you must be in a position to attend the function on the night when the award is presented. This award can be a great way to show appreciation to an employee or co-worker.



Helping Youth to Achieve

Many young people have the talent to make the world a better place, but not all have the opportunity.

In 2017-18 we ask the clubs to nominate an individual from their area, or young people they become aware of who exhibit the spark to make a difference but are held back by their circumstances. Some youth do not have the opportunity to shine because they do not have the privileges that others have so we ask Clubs to identify those individuals and forward them to myself as the District Governors Partner.

The criteria for the awards are:

  • Age categories; 14 – 16 years & 17 – 19 years
  • Applicants from; Community Groups, Youth Groups & all Educational Organisations
  • Their Socio- economic situation
  • Contribution to communities
  • Their ability to “make the world a better place”
  • Commitment and enthusiasm to a cause

Nominee applications will open 1st September 2017 and close 16th March 2018

(Download available on District Website: www.rotarydistrict9675.org)

Let’s make a difference in 2017-18 and provide young people with an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Combined Rotary Club of Liverpool West and Karitane Annual Golf Day

This Charity Golf day will be held on Friday 22 September 2017 at Cabramatta Golf, it will be an Ambrose tournament with an early tee-off, breakfast and lunch. Registration will commence at 7:30 am for an 8:30 am hit off. The cost per person is $130 which includes golf, golf cart breakfast, on course refreshments and lunch. Hole sponsorship is $1,200 – this includes golf for 4 people, 2 golf carts, company banner and signage on hole, signage in dining area, acknowledgement on website, annual report and during the formalities. If you are just coming for the lunch the cost is $55 per head.


RAWCS Eastern Region Working Bees at 6 Colyton Road, Minchinbury

RAWCS are vacating the Minchinbury Warehouse and are asking for volunteers to work from 9 am to 1 pm on the Saturday – 9th September 2017; and Saturday – 23 September 2017. If you can help please advise Keith Roffey keithroffey@bigpond.com the week before. Some manual work will be involved, volunteers are asked to wear suitable clothing, covered footwear and to bring work/garden gloves. The work will be dusty so expect clothing to be soiled. Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided.

High School Reunion

He was a widower and she a widow.
They had known each other for a number of years being high school classmates and having attended class reunions in the past without fail.
This 60th anniversary of their class, the widower and the widow made a foursome with two other singles.
They had a wonderful evening, their spirits high.
The widower throwing admiring glances across the table. The widow smiling coyly back at him.
Finally, he picked up courage to ask her, “Will you marry me?”
After about six seconds of careful consideration, she answered,
“Yes,….. yes I will!”
The evening ended on a happy note for the widower. But the next morning he was troubled.
Did she say “Yes” or did she say “No?”
He couldn’t remember. Try as he would, he just could not recall. He went over the conversation of the previous evening, but his mind was blank.
He remembered asking the question but for the life of him could not recall her response. With fear and trepidation he picked up the phone and called her.
First, he explained that he couldn’t remember as well as he used to. Then he reviewed the past evening.
As he gained a little more courage he then inquired of her. “When I asked if you would marry me, did you say “Yes” or did you say “No?”
“Why you silly man, I said ‘Yes. Yes I will.’ And I meant it with all my heart.”
The widower was delighted. He felt his heart skip a beat.
Then she continued. “And I am so glad you called because I couldn’t remember who asked me!”

An old Italian man in Brooklyn is dying.
He calls his grandson to his bedside.  “Guido, I wan’ you lissina me.  I wan’ you to take-a my chrome plated 38 revolver so you will always remember me.”
“But grandpa, I really don’t like guns.  How about you leave me your Rolex watch instead?”
“You lissina me, boy!  Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and maybe a couple of bambinos.  Then one-a day you gonna comea home and maybe finda you wife inna bed with another man.  Whatta you gonna do then?  Pointa to you watch and say, ‘Times up!’ “

New Sign at Cimino’s Work Shop (installed while Jock was on holidays)



Coming Meetings and Events
Tuesday, 19 September Mission to Vietnam & Cambodia – Ted Mlynarz, Joe Cauchi & Jim Leahy Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Friday, 22 September Rotary / Karitane Golf Day Cabramatta Golf Course 7:30 am for 8:30 start
Sunday, 24 September Cabramatta Moon Festival Freedom Plaza, Cabramatta
Monday, 25 September Combined Meeting with Liverpool Greenway – DG District 9675 Official Visit The Warwick, 355 Hume Highway, Warwick Farm 6:30 for 7:00 pm
Tuesday, 26 September No Meeting transferred to Monday 25 September
Tuesday, 3 October Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Tuesday, 10 October Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Wednesday, 11 October Satellite Club Meeting Bar Luck Restaurant, Cabramatta 1:00 pm
Tuesday, 17 October Australian Rotary Health – PDG Stephen Humphreys Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Sunday, 29 October Graffiti Removal Day Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Tuesday, 7 November Bar Luck Restaurant, Cabramatta 1:00 pm
Wednesday, 8 November Satellite Club Meeting Bar Luck Restaurant, Cabramatta 1:00 pm
Tuesday, 14 November Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Sunday, 19 November Satellite Club/ AHHA BBQ Freedom Plaza, Cabramatta
Tuesday, 21 November AGM _Election of Directors for 2018/9 Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Monday, 27 November Board Meeting – John Pillay’s Home 6:00 pm
Tuesday, 28 November Pride of Workmanship Night Liverpool Catholic Club 6:30 for 7:00 pm
Tuesday, 5 December Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Sunday, 10 December Combined Rotary / AHHA Xmas Party International Restaurant, Canley Vale 5:30 pm
Tuesday, 12 December No Meeting – Transferred to Christmas Function
Tuesday, 19 December Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Tuesday, 26 December NO MEETING
Tuesday, 2 January NO MEETING
Tuesday, 9 January Breakfast Meeting Liverpool Catholic Club 7:30 am
Tuesday, 16 January Breakfast Meeting Liverpool Catholic Club 7:30 am
Tuesday, 23 January Liverpool Catholic Club 6:00 for 6:30 pm
Friday, 25 May Annual Circus Liverpool Catholic Club Multiple Sessions
Saturday, 26 May Annual Circus Liverpool Catholic Club Multiple Sessions
Sunday, 27 May Annual Circus Liverpool Catholic Club Multiple Sessions
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