Newsletter 19 April 2016

Dear Rotarians & Friends,

Apologies were received from Robert Menolotto and Alan Hall for Tuesdays dinner Meeting.

The Guest Speaker was Margarita Parrish from the organisation Food for Everyone. Margarita was assisted in her presentation by Tina Do.

Margarita is a member of a group of friends who commenced the organisation twelve years ago. Their initial aim was to make a difference to the lives of the people in parts of Cambodia. Three years ago they transferred their efforts to Nepal where twelve months ago the country was devastated by two major earthquakes.

Last year Food for Everyone commenced working on an orphanage to convert it to a home for the children residents. At that time the orphanage had holes in the roof and the children accepted as normal the fact that they being rained on as they slept. The work that the organisation has done has changed all that. For the organisation this conversion has proven to the friends that they can make a difference.

Margarita expressed the concern that the big relief organisations have a presence in the major centres of Nepal but there is no assistance in the remote areas where Food for Everyone has chosen to operate.

For 2016 the friends have directed their attention to another orphanage which they propose to turn into a “home” for the children. Some of the children do have parents but because of their circumstances they abandon their children. At present the friends have raised $3,000 of a target of $10,000 for this project.

Margarita showed two short videos. The first one was of the joyous occasion of children taking up residence in a new “home”.

The second showed the difficulties of the locals levelling and cultivating rocky ground with the aid of very limited hand tools and carrying building materials up steep hillsides.

On behalf of the Club Gary Halliday offered Margarita and friends to help at the Markets BBQ one Saturday and the Club would donate the higher of the day’s takings or $500.

All the best Alvan.

Next Club Meeting: 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016 – 6:00 for 6:30 pm – “E” Clubs for Rotary – Marilyn Mercer.  Liverpool Catholic Club.

Market BBQ Roster

The Markets are now located at Childs Park, Central Avenue, Chipping Norton and operate from 8 am to 12 noon each Saturday.

 If you are rostered on you will need to arrive at 7 am to set up BBQ Trailer, tent etc.


23 April 2016 Le Duc Hong, Sam Capra and Rinna Ly.
30 April 2016 Geoff Gibbs, Trudy Ho and Ted Mlynarz.
7 May 2016 Jim Halliday, Gary Halliday and John Gibbs.
14 May 2016 Joe Cauchi, Sam Capra and Peter Beadle.
21 May 2016 Steve Alexander, Jock Cimino and Alvan Freeman.

** Please note the changes in the above roster. **


Members Raffle Jackpot will be $160.00 on 19th April 2016.

April  Birthdays: 17th Jock Cimino.

May  Birthdays: 4th Joe Cimino, and 27th Julia Chan

May Anniversaries: 4th Peter & Barbara Houghton and 8th Gary and Margaret Halliday.

Miller TAFE Awards – 3 May 2016

Our annual Miller TAFE Award Night will be held on Tuesday, 3 May 2016 at Liverpool Catholic Club. This is the night when we recognise students from the TAFE who have been nominated by their faculties as outstanding contributers and students. Each nominee is interviewed by a panel of Club Members (if you can help contact Joe Cimino) and one from each faculty is selected and will receive a plaque and a cash award and the overall winner will receive a further cash award.

This is a great night awardees and their families and teachers from the TAFE will be in attendance.

This is also a good opportunity for potential members to attend, as guests of the Club – for catering Joe Cimino will be circulating a commitment sheet.

Vietnam Vision Annual Fund Raising Dinner – 20 May 2016

On Friday 20 May 2016, Vietnam Vision Annual Fundraising Dinner. Will be held at Crystal Palace Reception Centre, Canley Heights. 7:00pm (Ticket details to be advised). This is their major fund raising and goes a long way to meeting the costs the free cataract operations, dental aid and other work done by the group for the needy of Vietnam.

Police Officer of the Year – 27 September

President Elect Rinna, advises that planning is well advanced for this event which will be held on Tuesday 27 September 2016 at Liverpool Catholic Club. As we normally do our regular meeting will be transferred to this night, so we expect a big turn out.