Meeting Roundup 16 Feb 2016

At Tuesday’s Dinner Meeting there were three guests – representatives of the Liverpool Hospital.

Adjunct Professor Robynne Cooke (General Manager), Maryanne Ciccone (Marketing and Donations Manager) and Damian Van Rosmalen (Finance Director).

Apologies were received from Geoff Gibbs, John Pillay and John Gibbs.

Maryanne showed a video presentation of the Hospitals activities which was followed up by Robynne with additional detail.

Having started as a tent hospital in the 1790s, Liverpool Hospital was established in a brick building on the banks of the Georges River in 1813, where it was run as a hospital for soldiers and convicts. In 1825, a larger stone building was designed by Francis Greenway and built using convict labour. This building is now occupied by the TAFE College.

The hospital has recently finished a major $309m redevelopment to provide world class facilities and equipment. The works consisting of:

  • A new Clinical Building
  • New roads and a multi-storey car park
  • Refurbishment and expansion of the Cancer Therapy Centre
  • A Cancer Research Bunker
  • Expanded Childcare Centre
  •  A new Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre

Notwithstanding these major developments there is already another development phase on the drawing board.

The Hospital employs a staff of 4,600 and has an annual budget $580m (2015-16).

There are 877 ward beds, 60 Intensive Care Unit beds and 23 operating theatres and 2 helipads at the hospital.

All the best Alvan.